Hit Report – Holcombe Harriers (05/11/16)

Joined some of our northern comrades yesterday and paid a visit to the Holcombe harriers. We found them at the Robin Hood pub in Tottington.

Sabs stuck with the hunt most of the day. The hounds managed to put up a few hares during the day but Sabs were on hand to ensure they all made a clean getaway.

We lost them towards the end of the day due to being blocked in by hunt supporters and one attempting to try and put down our tyres but Sabs spotted him and made sure no damage was done to our van.

Shortly after the huntsman decided to call it day and we left once the hound where put away.

Want to help us stay out in the field? You can donate to us via our Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/liverpoolhuntsabs


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Body Camera for Liverpool Hunt Sabs

Sabbing can be dangerous with many of us experiencing violence and aggressive behaviour from huntsmen and hunt supporters. We are looking to raise funds in order to buy a new small body camera which will enable us to film the hunts discretely and ensure we capture vital evidence which may lead to a prosecution.  A body camera will also help us to document any illegal hunting, giving us concrete evidence and ensuring a conviction.

Here is the link to our fundraiser: https://gogetfunding.com/body-camera-for-liverpool-hunt-sabs/

Any donation, no matter how small will help us massively and will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

gopro camera.jpg1

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Liverpool Sabs Merchandise Website Now Live

We are very happy to announce that we now have a dedicated merchandise website. Currently we only have our new T-shirts in store but soon stickers, badges, postcards and more will be available to buy. All money raised through sales will help keep us in the fields and out protecting our wildlife.

You can head to our site and check out the merch available here: liverpoolsabs.bigcartel.com

merch website

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Case Against York & Ainsty South Hunt dropped

Last year on the 21st of Feb we witnessed the killing of a fox by the York & Ainsty South Hunt on the land of Sir Reginald Sheffield(David Cameron’s Father in law). Despite the police on the day not willing to take any action we reported it to North Yorkshire police and a wildlife officer was assigned to the case.

We had video evidence of the huntsman encouraging hounds through the woodland and the aftermath of the kill, which showed the whipper-in and hounds running away from the lifeless fox. We managed to recover the body of the fox and it was taken by North Yorkshire Police so an autopsy could be performed.

After finally being able to speak to someone within North Yorkshire Police we received this response today “The case was fully reviewed by RSPCA and a case progression manager from North Yorkshire Police and a decision was made that we had insufficient evidence to pursue a prosecution under the Hunting Act 2004. During the investigation a number of issues were identified as not ‘best practice’ therefore we held a meeting with the master of the hunt to discuss these issues with him.

So despite all the evidence and also video footage of the hunt chasing numerous deer throughout the day the hunts only punishment was a meeting with the police regarding their behaviour.

Having not been given any more information we have decided to put in a Freedom of Information request regarding the outcome of the autopsy of the fox and also for the disclosure of what was said in this meeting between the police and the hunt master. We will update everyone once we receive a response.


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Fox Killed by York & Ainsty South Hunt

Hunt saboteurs witnessed a fox being killed by the York & Ainsty South Hunt on the 21st Feb 2015.kill

The hunt had met at Sutton Park, North Yorkshire which is owned by Sir Reginald Sheffield the PM’s father in law. Hunt Saboteurs from Liverpool, Sheffield, West Yorkshire and various Scottish groups had attended the hunt and a saboteur from Liverpool witnessed the fox being killed by the hounds.

The hunt saboteur had seen the fox bolt from the woods and tried his best to stop the hounds from chasing it. Once he exited the woodland he witnessed a whipper-in dismounting her horse and trying to take the fox’s body away. The whipper-in then noticed the saboteur and quickly left the scene.

The York & Ainsty South hunt have claimed that they were legally trail hunting and that “It’s not unusual for hunt saboteurs to make up such stories.”

The hunt saboteurs have footage of the days events which has all provided to police as evidence. The body of the fox was also handed to police who will carry out a post mortem on the body to determine how the fox died.


A full interview with the saboteur who witnessed the killing of the fox can be viewed here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2973927/Police-probe-slaughter-fox-hunt-hosted-PM-s-father-law-picture-dead-animal-posted-online.html

Press release from the Hunt Saboteurs Association:  http://www.huntsabs.org.uk/index.php/news/press-releases/559-fox-killed-by-york-and-ainsty-foxhunt-after-meeting-at-home-of-david-cameron-s-father-in-law

Full report of the day in question can be viewed on Liverpool Hunt Sabs Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/liverpool.huntsabs/posts/875470805827844

IMG_0177 IMG_0155

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Airedale Beagles Ex-master ram’s Hunt Saboteurs Van

Hound van ram

Photo via Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs

Paul Myers, ex-master of the hunt deliberately rammed into a saboteurs van this Saturday (31.01.15).  

Saboteurs from Liverpool, Sheffield and Manchester paid a visit to the Airedale beagles on Saturday. Sabs had positioned themselves on either side of the kennels to ensure the hunt would not leave and start illegally hunting.

Airedale hound van

Photo via Sheffield Hunt Sabs

Around 11.30am a pickup truck towing a trailer full of hounds left the kennels. Paul Myers who was driving the pickup, decided he would repeatedly ram into Sheffield Saboteurs van. Luckily sabs inside the van were not injured and the van only received minor cosmetic damage. The pickup wasn’t so lucky and with the bumper hanging off, Mr Myers drove the 100 yards back to the kennels and waited for the police to arrive.

Photo via Manchester Hunt Sabs

Photo via Manchester Hunt Sabs

Overall 5 police cars attended the scene but felt it was not necessary to arrest Mr Myers. Video footage and photos of the incident will be handed into West Yorkshire police and we hope appropriate action will be taken.

Not fazed by the aggressive actions of the hunt, saboteurs stayed put outside the kennels for the rest of the day ensuring the Airedale Beagles would not be able to go out hunting.

You can view our full report of the day with photos here: https://www.facebook.com/liverpool.huntsabs


Donate to us via PayPal: https://lpoolhuntsabs.wordpress.com/donate/

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Two Hunts in One Day

First we joined up with W Yorkshire Sabs and decided to pay a visit to the High Peak IMG_2539Harriers. We had received word that they had delayed their start due to the weather conditions, so parked up at their kennels and waited for them to move. It got to about 1.30 and with the conditions not any better plus the fact 2 sab van were waiting outside; they decided not to go out. Hounds were fed so we left knowing they wouldn’t be hunting with full bellies.

With the Meynell and South Staffs Hunt not far from us, we decided to head down to them and join up with Manchester Hunt Sabs Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs and Derby Huntsabs. On arrival sabs had just successfully rated hounds and ensured the escape of a fox.

We headed off to intercept the hunt. Once our sabs headed into the fields the hunt IMG_2567immediately became aggressive. A rider decided to ride down one of our sabs and the terriermen proceeded to start driving into sabs with their quads. For the rest of the day they threatened us and tried to intimidate us but we have seen it all before and it didn’t deter us. With sabs in every direction they turned, the hunt decided to call it a day and headed back to their meet at around 3.

A very successful day. Two hunts sabotaged and no kills.

Help us cover the cost of sabbing: http://gogetfunding.com/project/sabbing-costs-for-liverpool-hunt-sabs



liverpool hunt sabs 1

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