Two Hunts in One Day

First we joined up with W Yorkshire Sabs and decided to pay a visit to the High Peak IMG_2539Harriers. We had received word that they had delayed their start due to the weather conditions, so parked up at their kennels and waited for them to move. It got to about 1.30 and with the conditions not any better plus the fact 2 sab van were waiting outside; they decided not to go out. Hounds were fed so we left knowing they wouldn’t be hunting with full bellies.

With the Meynell and South Staffs Hunt not far from us, we decided to head down to them and join up with Manchester Hunt Sabs Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs and Derby Huntsabs. On arrival sabs had just successfully rated hounds and ensured the escape of a fox.

We headed off to intercept the hunt. Once our sabs headed into the fields the hunt IMG_2567immediately became aggressive. A rider decided to ride down one of our sabs and the terriermen proceeded to start driving into sabs with their quads. For the rest of the day they threatened us and tried to intimidate us but we have seen it all before and it didn’t deter us. With sabs in every direction they turned, the hunt decided to call it a day and headed back to their meet at around 3.

A very successful day. Two hunts sabotaged and no kills.

Help us cover the cost of sabbing:

liverpool hunt sabs 1


About Liverpool Hunt Saboteurs

Hunting with hounds was banned in England & Wales in 2005, however most hunts continue much as they did before. The police rarely help enforce the Hunting Act, due to a combination of ignorance on hunting techniques and interpretation of the law, and bias towards those who hunt and against those who try to stop it. In theory hunting with hounds is a thing of the past but in practice countless animals are pursued and ripped to pieces by hunts in the UK every week. Liverpool hunt saboteurs have experience of using non-violent direct action tactics to save the lives of thousands of hunted animals every season. From the use of hunting horns and voice calls to call off hounds from the scent at foxhunts, to standing in front of shooting butts on grouse moors, to wading through rivers at minkhunts, wherever animals are being hunted for fun, hunt saboteurs will be there, protecting our wildlife from the "sportsmen" who get their kicks from killing.
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