Case Against York & Ainsty South Hunt dropped

Last year on the 21st of Feb we witnessed the killing of a fox by the York & Ainsty South Hunt on the land of Sir Reginald Sheffield(David Cameron’s Father in law). Despite the police on the day not willing to take any action we reported it to North Yorkshire police and a wildlife officer was assigned to the case.

We had video evidence of the huntsman encouraging hounds through the woodland and the aftermath of the kill, which showed the whipper-in and hounds running away from the lifeless fox. We managed to recover the body of the fox and it was taken by North Yorkshire Police so an autopsy could be performed.

After finally being able to speak to someone within North Yorkshire Police we received this response today “The case was fully reviewed by RSPCA and a case progression manager from North Yorkshire Police and a decision was made that we had insufficient evidence to pursue a prosecution under the Hunting Act 2004. During the investigation a number of issues were identified as not ‘best practice’ therefore we held a meeting with the master of the hunt to discuss these issues with him.

So despite all the evidence and also video footage of the hunt chasing numerous deer throughout the day the hunts only punishment was a meeting with the police regarding their behaviour.

Having not been given any more information we have decided to put in a Freedom of Information request regarding the outcome of the autopsy of the fox and also for the disclosure of what was said in this meeting between the police and the hunt master. We will update everyone once we receive a response.



About Liverpool Hunt Saboteurs

Hunting with hounds was banned in England & Wales in 2005, however most hunts continue much as they did before. The police rarely help enforce the Hunting Act, due to a combination of ignorance on hunting techniques and interpretation of the law, and bias towards those who hunt and against those who try to stop it. In theory hunting with hounds is a thing of the past but in practice countless animals are pursued and ripped to pieces by hunts in the UK every week. Liverpool hunt saboteurs have experience of using non-violent direct action tactics to save the lives of thousands of hunted animals every season. From the use of hunting horns and voice calls to call off hounds from the scent at foxhunts, to standing in front of shooting butts on grouse moors, to wading through rivers at minkhunts, wherever animals are being hunted for fun, hunt saboteurs will be there, protecting our wildlife from the "sportsmen" who get their kicks from killing.
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