Donate To Liverpool Hunt Sabs


Liverpool Hunt Sabs are a dedicated group who take direct action against all forms of wildlife persecution, including foxhunting, hare hunting, shooting, badger culls and much more.

We manage to save countless lives all year round, but unfortunately it costs money. Petrol and maintenance cost for our van. Equipment such as radio’s, video camera’s, map’s, citronella sprays and more.

We run entirely on donations from the public. Rest assured that every penny donated will go directly to sabs and ultimately save lives! You can donate to Liverpool Hunt Sabs by clicking on the PayPal button below.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Thank you! We could not do what we do without your continued support.

holcombe hunt 15.11.14 5

8 Responses to Donate To Liverpool Hunt Sabs

  1. Fiona Bauthier says:

    I cannot donate but if I were able too I would only ever donate to animal charities and those who fight for animals! You are my heroes and could never get enough praise!!!

  2. xVx cyclist says:


  3. Patricia O'Sullivan says:

    Thanks for all you do to protect wildlife.

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  5. alison says:

    If you need any aniseed oil to distract the dogs , give me a shout 🙂

  6. Ivy Fox says:

    Donation sent Keepsabbingthosehunters x

  7. Craig says:

    Small donation, wish it could be more but I try and spread across several sab groups. Keep up the good work & keep hunting those hunters….scum!

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