Airedale Beagles Ex-master ram’s Hunt Saboteurs Van

Hound van ram

Photo via Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs

Paul Myers, ex-master of the hunt deliberately rammed into a saboteurs van this Saturday (31.01.15).  

Saboteurs from Liverpool, Sheffield and Manchester paid a visit to the Airedale beagles on Saturday. Sabs had positioned themselves on either side of the kennels to ensure the hunt would not leave and start illegally hunting.

Airedale hound van

Photo via Sheffield Hunt Sabs

Around 11.30am a pickup truck towing a trailer full of hounds left the kennels. Paul Myers who was driving the pickup, decided he would repeatedly ram into Sheffield Saboteurs van. Luckily sabs inside the van were not injured and the van only received minor cosmetic damage. The pickup wasn’t so lucky and with the bumper hanging off, Mr Myers drove the 100 yards back to the kennels and waited for the police to arrive.

Photo via Manchester Hunt Sabs

Photo via Manchester Hunt Sabs

Overall 5 police cars attended the scene but felt it was not necessary to arrest Mr Myers. Video footage and photos of the incident will be handed into West Yorkshire police and we hope appropriate action will be taken.

Not fazed by the aggressive actions of the hunt, saboteurs stayed put outside the kennels for the rest of the day ensuring the Airedale Beagles would not be able to go out hunting.

You can view our full report of the day with photos here:

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Two Hunts in One Day

First we joined up with W Yorkshire Sabs and decided to pay a visit to the High Peak IMG_2539Harriers. We had received word that they had delayed their start due to the weather conditions, so parked up at their kennels and waited for them to move. It got to about 1.30 and with the conditions not any better plus the fact 2 sab van were waiting outside; they decided not to go out. Hounds were fed so we left knowing they wouldn’t be hunting with full bellies.

With the Meynell and South Staffs Hunt not far from us, we decided to head down to them and join up with Manchester Hunt Sabs Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs and Derby Huntsabs. On arrival sabs had just successfully rated hounds and ensured the escape of a fox.

We headed off to intercept the hunt. Once our sabs headed into the fields the hunt IMG_2567immediately became aggressive. A rider decided to ride down one of our sabs and the terriermen proceeded to start driving into sabs with their quads. For the rest of the day they threatened us and tried to intimidate us but we have seen it all before and it didn’t deter us. With sabs in every direction they turned, the hunt decided to call it a day and headed back to their meet at around 3.

A very successful day. Two hunts sabotaged and no kills.

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liverpool hunt sabs 1

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High Peak Harriers 6.12.14

Today we paid a visit to the High Peak Harriers with our good friends from Manchester Hunt Sabs and W Yorkshire Sabs.

We met up early, at their kennels and waited for them to show. Just as they did the policeIMG_2154 decided to turn up and stop one of the sab vans from leaving and then our van was then blocked by a supporter. Luckily, it wasn’t long until we found this horse box and a rather fancy dressed woman at the wheel. If she wasn’t wearing hunting gear we would of never of known, so thank you!

We found our way to the meet just as they set off and it seemed they had forgotten all their hounds. They didn’t give us a reason, but it was most likely because 3 sab vans had turned up at their meet. We decided to keep an eye on the for the day as their kennels were not far and if we left, they could of easily gone and got them.

90s high peakSome riders decided to try and cause some trouble, including the infamous Nigel Cox, who in 1985 threatened sabs with a shotgun and then shot the radiator of a sab van. He decided to try and push his horse into one sab who was filming and tried to run down another. See photos below.

The hunt packed up around 3, which was good for the local wildlife and also the cows and sheep who they scared on numerous occasions while racing around their fields.

Donate to Liverpool Hunt Sabs and help keep us out in the fields, protecting wildlife:

IMG_2166 IMG_2160

See Photo’s below:

Yes, we couldn’t believe our eye’s either. Sabs were in the process of repairing a dry stone wall when, the whipper (green coat) hurtled over and started ranting and raving about sabs damaging all the land and that we don’t care about anyone but ourselves. After a discussion he suddenly changed and roped in a few followers who helped us to repair the wall.

The High Peak Harriers are a strange bunch, but hopefully while rebuilding the wall we might of also built some bridges with them. Its just Nigel that needs to calm down now!

IMG_2170 1 IMG_2172IMG_2173

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Shoot disrupted & our visit to the Badsworth Hunt

Good day with our friends from Manchester Hunt Sabs and W Yorkshire Sabs.

shoot 4On our way to find the Badsworth Hunt we spotted a shoot happening not far from the road and of course we were not going to just drive on. Sabs jumped out and headed into the fields to put a stop to the shooting. Once in their fields the shooters reluctantly packed their guns away. A few came over to have a chat with sabs, spouting their usual rubbish. One guy even claimed he was a police officer and that sabs had assaulted his wife.

Badsworth hunt 2Once we had finished with the shoot we moved on to find the Badsworth hunt. Sabs found them not far from their meet and stuck with them for the remainder of the day. At times the huntsman would try and put the hounds into woods but they were quickly called back out by sabs. At one point the hounds did flush out a hare but sabs were able to make sure it escaped unhurt. We did have a bit of trouble with one supporter who tried to threaten sabs with his dog but the dog was having none of it and just wanted a stroke from sabs.

We can’t thank everyone enough! We have just reached our target on our fundraiser. You can still donate to Liverpool Sabs by heading to our Donate page.

Badsworth hunt 1 shoot 1Badsworth hunt 3 shoot 2Badsworth hunt 4 shoot 5Badsworth hunt shoot 6 shoot 7 shoot 8

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York & Ainsty South Hunt 22.11.14

YAS 22.11.14 3

Great day today sabbing the York & Ainsty South Hunt. We teamed up with Manchester Hunt Sabs, Sheffield Saboteurs and W Yorkshire Sabs and met the hunt just as they were arriving at their meet. Sabs followed the hunt from the start of the day and managed to keep with them till the end. At the start, the huntsman rode off at speed to try and lose sabs but sabs were never far behind and when the huntsman is running from us he isn’t hunting so that is always good.

Hounds managed to find scents multiple times during the day but sabs were always there to take them off and lead them in the other direction. Sabs succeeded in saving a small fox that bolted from a hedgerow right in front of sabs. Its scent was quickly covered with citronella and other sabs made sure the hounds were stopped from chasing it.

After another hour or so of not really doing anything and the number of riders dwindling, the hunt decided to pack up so we happily followed them back to their meet. Cake was passed around the van as we celebrated another kill free day.YAS 22.11.14 8  YAS 22.11.14 5 YAS 22.11.14 1YAS 22.11.14 6 YAS 22.11.14 7  YAS 22.11.14

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Holcombe Harriers 15/11/14

Liverpool Sabs teamed up with Manchester Hunt Sabs yesterday and paid a visit to the Holcombe Harriers. Sabs arrived and so the hunt decided to lay a trail. Last year the Holcombe Hunt was following a trail when hounds rioted and killed a hare. See here:

Therefore sabs stuck with the hunt all day on the steep and boggy moorlands insuring that there was no kills. After only a few hours the hunt packed up and sabs headed home for a well deserved rest.

If anyone is interested in coming out sabbing please message the page or email:

holcombe hunt 15.11.14 1 holcombe hunt 15.11.14 2 holcombe hunt 15.11.14 3 holcombe hunt 15.11.14 4 holcombe hunt 15.11.14 6 holcombe hunt 15.11.14

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Mink Hunt

With the foxhunting season over, we are now focusing our attention on mink hunts. With around 60 sabs we paid a visit to the kennels of the Dove Valley Minkhounds, in Leicestershire, and managed to stop them from even leaving the kennels for their day’s hunting. Seeing that the hunt was not going out, we left one sab van outside to make sure they didn’t sneak out and headed down to find the Northamptonshire Minkhounds who were hunting the River Kym near Kimbolton on the Northamptonshire/Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire border. When sabs descended on the hunt, they quickly decided to head back to their meet and pack up.

As we waited for the hunt vehicles to leave 2 plain clothes police officers suddenly arrived in regular vehicles (Not undercover police cars), saying the hunt was leaving and we were trespassing and we needed to leave. We asked these officers to show some identification to prove that they actually were police as they had no numbers on their vest or their ID cards visible but they refused and quickly headed back to their cars and headed off with the hunt vehicles.

If you would like to help out and get involved please contact us via our Facebook page:

SyntekExifImageTitle SyntekExifImageTitle SyntekExifImageTitle mink hunt

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